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About Our Team

Michael Finger

Michael has been at the helm of Our Keys since 2012. His experience with small business planning and advertising strategies has allowed Our Keys to expand and sustain progress since its inception.

  • Experience 100%

Michelle Finger

Lead Content
Michelle adds her personal touch to every edition of Our Keys with a message to readers. Her local knowledge and attention to detail make Our Keys a reliable and readable experience.

  • Local Expert 100%

Charlie Wilson

Well Magazine Editor
Charlie is a passionate visionary and creator and has immersed herself in the world of food, nutrition and spirituality. Her passion for writing resulted in a collaboration with Our Keys and in September 2015, the first issue of Well Magazine was published. (Image by Nick Doll)

  • Creativity 100%

Amanda Minton

Middle Keys Editor
Amanda Minton is a sun loving yogi with a passion for small business. As editor of the Middle Keys Our Keys, she uses her skills to promote positive community and economic growth throughout the “heart of the keys.”

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Ziggy is the Our Keys mascot and general morale booster. If you ever see Ziggy, say hello and be sure to mention you saw Our Keys in your mailbox!

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